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Smith Hall Farm 

Free range pork and farm made pork pies direct from the farm

About Us

Smith Hall Farm is a 110 acre farm in the Derbyshire Dales , roughly hallway between Ashbourne and Belper. It was originally part of the Hulland Estate, and was used in the 19th century as a stud for horse breeding, when horses did all the heavy work on a farm. It later became a dairy farm, and when Ashley moved here in the early 1990s, he moved from milk into beef and pork production.

Ashley`s partner Mary joined him on the farm in 2012, after they met at Derby Farmers market, selling cheese and meat respectively.

The farm is no longer organic, but it is run to high welfare principles with the animals able to range freely, expressing natural behaviour. The cows are pasture fed in the summer and then are fed sileage during winter, while the pigs graze outside, digging for roots and grass, with a twice daily feed of pig nuts.

The animals are  never given growth hormones, and only antibiotics when absolutely necessary and so the animals have a healthy natural life. At the same time we are protecting the natural environment, using no artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Just good old fashioned muck! As a result, the farm has good biodiversity, with a host of different flower and animal species, from buzzards to butterflies, daisies to docks.

The cattle are British Shorthorn x Simmental, and the pigs are a mixture of all traditional British breeds such as Gloucester Old Spot, Berkshire, Tamworth and Saddleback.

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Smith Hall Farm Shorthorn Cows.jpg
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From 2010, we sold our meat and pies on local farmers markets. There are far fewer of these now, and with the Covid 19 outbreak, we are making direct sales of pork and pies from the farm. All the butchery and baking is done by us.

We are offering a whole pig or half a pig at £3.00 per kg. This comprises leg, belly, shoulder and loin joints, pork steaks and diced pork. Half a pig should produce around 20-23 kg of pork, so this is a really excellent offer.

We also offer smaller cuts like belly, shoulder, loin, legs and loin. We even have pigs trotters for the adventurous!!

Sausages and mince also available.

We also offer our range of pies, small or standard. Cheese and butter is also available (made by Mary).

Collection can be from the farm, or if you are local, we can deliver. If you're within 10 miles, the delivery is free!

All this is fresh and to order!

Contact Us

Smith Hall Farm, Smith-Hall Ln, Ashbourne DE6 3ES

Give us a ring on 01335 370350  or  0758 171 1059

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